J. Friisberg & Partners

A globale executive network
Locally-owned and independent yet also a partner of Friisberg & Partners International, J. Friisberg & Partners focuses on quality and service as well as on building strong leadership teams through our relationships with clients and individuals worldwide.

A Friisberg International partner
Friisberg & Partners International are operating with 36 offices in 23 countries. Regardless of geographic location, our teams of experts with thorough industrial knowledge provide a consistent and unified approach to executive search.

We meet all your needs
Strong, collegial relationships between professionals around the world enables J. Friisberg & Partners to create an effective search team qualified to meet the individual needs of each assignment, whether the assignment is cross-industry, cross-functional or cross-cultural.

International Experience
Our Partners complement the search process with many years of experience from previously held executive positions in Denmark and abroad as well as from consulting work within different organisations and companies.

J. Friisberg & Partners

Parkovsvej 14
DK-2820 Gentofte

Tel: +45 33 15 30 88
E-mail: jfp@friisberg.dk